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About Us

The Weekend is 3-days, 72-hours, 4,320 minutes of ONE HECK of a time.

The event takes place at Cedar Trunk Ranch. Located on 60-acres of Texas hill country, featuring cowboy sunsets, free-range cattle, and a couple of donkeys — The WEEKend is for the healthy hustler who needs to get away from the laptop, off the cell phone, and take a break from the board room. The WEEKend is for the tireless entrepreneur searching to reignite their passion.

The WEEKend is for the deal-makers, the market-movers and the builders who want to be a little bit better at their craft. You will improve as a leader, teammate, and communicator—both at home and at work. The WEEKend is about intentionally unplugging and finding the fun you used to feel as a kid.

We believe that fun is enhanced through effort. At The WEEKend, you will be challenged physically, mentally, and socially. Test yourself in the ice bath; push yourself past quit; share your dreams, ideas and obstacles.The WEEKend will make you sweat, think, collaborate, compete—do the things you used to do as a kid.

The WEEKend is about leaving a little better than when you arrive.

See you at the Ranch,
Murph (Resident Donkey)

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