What to Expect

Some of our activites

Not all fun is created equal.

We categorized our activities by where they fall on the fun scale. The scale divides fun into three different "types," each with a different benefit. We'll break it down for you and explain how each type of fun will be incorporated into The Weekend.

Type 1 Fun: 🥳

Enjoyable while it’s happening, simple fun. Think days on the lake, backyard BBQ, wine tasting, petting Murph the donkey, etc.

Type 2 Fun: 😅

In the moment you can't wait for it to be over, but as soon as it is - something within you says “man, I want to do that again.” Think ice baths, paintball, bear crawling, intense workouts. Type 2 fun is usually accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment.

Type 2 Fun Activities

Type 3 Fun : 🥵

For the sake of informing you on all the levels of fun, we’ll explain type 3 fun. However, we promise not to go there this weekend. Type three fun is not fun at all. Something that makes you say “why the hell did I do that.”

We believe a combination of type 1 and type 2 fun is where the magic really happens.